Books Illustrated by Kia Maddock

The Beautiful Mare and the Boy Who Gave Thanks

Written by Dr. Marc Cohen 2018 Pronoia Press

In the ever changing world of a small village, the villagers see things as either good or bad, the wise man accepts things as they are, while the man’s son stays open to possibility and finds gratitude in all that comes to pass.

The Happy Flap

Written by Shannon Schultz 2018 Shannon Schultz

Follow a young girl as she journeys through her Australian garden, trying to figure out how to be happy. She receives helpful suggestions from lots of animals along the way but it isn’t until she comes home that she really discovers the secret she’s been searching for!

Donald The Magic Farty Bum

Written by Chloe Twohig 2016 Amberfox Books

Have you ever wondered how the world got its colours? I bet you couldn't imagine what a boy called Donald and a Fart Fairy had to do with it! This hilariously stinky book will make you giggle your pants off. Kids are going silly over this adorable, Australian, gorgeously illustrated picture book.

Little She-Wolf

Written by Chloe Twohig 2015 Amberfox Books

Little She-Wolf is the story of a wolf pup who is sung out of her den by The Wind and ventures into the night forest for the first time. With the help of Goanna, Old Owl and Great Stag, Little She-Wolf learns to follow her dreams, make her way through the dark and find her own feet in the world. Join in her adventure.

Raf and the Robots

Written by Sarah J. Corner 2014 Stories for Unique Families

Set in a deliberately ambiguous unconventional family, young Raf learns about getting his timing right. This book was written with the belief that all children should be able to see their families depicted in the stories around them.