Beautiful Australian illustrator and custom made art Kia Maddock Dear_Kia


Kia is an artist, mother and nature-lover who lives in Mullumbimby in northern New South Wales, Australia.

She dances, helps out at her son’s Steiner school, lushes it up in the tropical weather and eats healthy food. Oh and illustrates full time!

You can see her at local cafes and beach spots with a twinkle in her eye and a paintbrush in her pocket.

Personalised artwork makes a great gift…


Kia’s artistic journey so far

Ever since Kia was a little kid she was drawing. Drawing families, to be exact. Drawing parents, then imagining what their babies would look like and drawing them too. Amazing, hu? Still doing it!

As a child, Kia would watch her mother painting and find it meditative. Kia always said she’d like to illustrate kid’s books when she was bigger.

So she drew all the way through primary school and high school. She was lucky that her teachers were supportive of her talents and let her continue drawing throughout her classes.

In fact, Kia’s high school was so supportive that they gave Kia her first commission for an artwork. When the IT teacher discovered that Kia was using the Paint program on her computer to create an intricate portrait of her fellow students, he had the school pay her for it, and more, that was used to promote the school.

Kia was selected to exhibit in the Victorian Top Arts competition in Year 12 when she entered a design of a three dimensional indoor play space for children.

In her twenties, Kia traveled around Australia and through South East Asia, trading murals for accommodation. It wasn’t until she had her son that she started focusing on smaller-scaled works like illustrating books and making Cuddle Portraits because they were more manageable to fit in with parenting.


Formally, her qualifications read as such:

Certificate III Applied Design / Certificate III Design Foundations / Certificate III Small Business Management / Diploma in Anthroposophy

Informally, her qualifications are hune from a life lived with an open heart; an exquisite sensitivity to everything within and around her, and a lifetime of practicing her craft.